Quality Treatment

At APG we believe each case is individual and unique so we have a variety of psychiatrists, counselors, and nurse practitioners to fit your needs.

Our Providers

APG has a multi-faceted and highly distinguished selection of psychiatrists, mental health counselors, and nurse practitioners.

Online Forms

Time is precious so we’ve put all our forms online for you fill out ahead of time.

Appointment Reminders

APG has appointment reminders via text

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Our Mission

To provide and promote excellence in psychiatric care through advocacy, prevention, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. To promote the health and quality of life for our community members.

Our Vision

To inspire confidence and respect as a provider of comprehensive behavioral healthcare, psychiatric and family counseling.

Our Purpose

To provide effective and efficient behavioral health, psychiatric and family counseling services. To advocate for the rights and needs of individuals with behavioral health disorders and families with adjustment problems. To engage in prevention activities designed to reduce behavioral health and family disorders and their negative consequences. To provide professional training that contributes to the personal development of individuals.